New Vistas started its journey in 1999 with an aim at promoting a greater understanding of the English Language and Literature.

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Having started its journey in the year 1999, New Vistas has now become one of the leading coaching centres in Kolkata. No matter whether you want to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in English Honours or grab a Master's Degree in the same field, New Vistas promises to provide you with an extensive awareness of the ins and outs of the subject.

So, if you are looking for B.A. English Honours tutorial in Kolkata, opting for New Vistas would be the smartest decision on your part. The venture is founded by P.Das, an eminent teacher in English Literature. Providing unparalleled tuition, the coaching centre has not only gathered a glut of commendations from different corners in the city, but also aspires to flourish even more with the drift of time.

Why New Vistas

The progress of each student is closely judged and severely checked (i.e. subject wise, topic wise, question wise etc.) and additional educational READ MORE

Why English Honours

If you love the written and spoken word, this course is for you. With a comprehensive and stimulating introduction to the English language and literature, it investigates how the English language is used in a variety of global contexts, and explores literature from different historical periods and in diverse cultural settings. READ MORE

About P Das, our Faculty Member

P.Das a.k.a. Pintu Das is best known for his deep knowledge in English Literature and there is possibly no area in this field that he has not explored. His matchless dedication, fervent commitment and first-rate expertise are what set him apart from the ordinary heads.

P Das is one of the best professors of a proto language. Other than his vast knowledge in English Literature, he is also efficient in linguistics, phonetics and several European languages including Ancient Greek, Latin, German, French etc. Expertise in linguistics, phonetics and knowledge in different European languages is crucial to teach English Philology. That is why, P. Das is the most trusted faculty in this field in India. Besides, his profound expertise in decoding the symbolic ciphers associated with English Literature has placed him in a revered position.

Why You Should Opt for New Vistas

  • Grabbing a Degree in English Literature is not a cakewalk! Mainly, for clearing the toughest parts like philology (which requires basic knowledge in different European languages along with linguistics and phonetics), and prosody (which requires basic knowledge in phonetics and accentuation pattern in English), you need to be trained in the best possible way. New Vistas makes sure that you are equipped with the required proficiency to come out with flying colors with English courses.
  • Also, as associated with the syllabus makers, paper setters and course-moderators of Calcutta University, it becomes easy for P. Das to understand every specific requirement of the students, thereby filling the gaps in their knowledge and skill sets.
  • He is also best known for dealing with all the intricate chapters in Philology and Prosody. Added to it, he is now about to publish a book on the fundamentals of English Philology which will surely benefit the students of a number of universities, including Calcutta University.
  • Most importantly, New Vistas believes THE BEST QUALITY OF EDUCATION DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN THE HIGHEST AMOUNT OF FEES! Hence, the tuition fees asked for is absolutely reasonable!

Again, the special areas where New Vistas excels in are as follows

  1. Interpretation and profound elucidation of the English language and literature (by making the students well aware of the classic languages and literature e.g. Ancient Greek, Latin etc. and other European languages like German and French)
  2. Philology in 1st year syllabus (To help the candidates understand the original structure and growth of English literature).
  3. Creative writing in 3rd year syllabus (To ensure that the students no more feel 'writers-block' and deliver high-quality write-ups.
  4. Modern grammar (To sharpen the base of the attendees).
  5. Phonetics and linguistics (To promote a greater understanding in the concerned field)

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  • BA English HONOURS
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  • MA (Literature, Linguistics, Phonetics and Modern Grammar)
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Faculty Members

P. Das

MA in English, Certified in the German Language, PGCTE (The English and Foreign Languages University)

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