Since education is the key to success and bearing the burden of a student loan is not easy, New Vistas is now offering scholarships to help you pursue your dream. A degree in BA Honours (English) and MA (English) can change your life and the scholarship offered by us is the first step. It will become the inspiration for you to work towards your academic goals.

To instigate positive reinforcement, we are giving annual scholarships for our own students, called New Vistasians. If theiracademic performance in the previous session was excellent or good, they can apply for a scholarship.When you approach New Vistas, not only will you receive unparalleled tuition but can also take the aid of our scholarship program.

Fixed Scholarship Amount

To make it less confusing for our students, we have fixed the scholarship amount offered by us. The scholarship entirely depends on the percentage attained by our students in their previous examination. It is notonly limited to an individual or the highest scorerbut all our students who have scored the percentage mentioned below can apply for the scholarship.

1. 81% onwards - INR. 35000(triennially amounting to INR. 1,05,000)*

2. 71% to 80% - INR. 16000 (triennially amounting to INR. 48,000)

3. 61 % to 70 % - INR. 8000 (triennially amounting to INR. 24,000)

4. 51 % to 60 % - INR. 5000 (triennially amounting to INR. 15,000)

Why Approach New Vistas For Scholarship?

One of the main reasons why we have been capable of projecting ourselves as a leading institution offering scholarship is that there isNo Condition Apply. That is to say, the scholarship here is based only on merit and not limited to any caste, creed and class. If any of our students have attained a certain percentage in their exam, we will be pleased to offer them financial assistance so that their complete concentration is on their syllabus and academic goals.

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* It appears to be incredible and absurd to score more than 70% marks in CU exams. However, now it is time to shake off your age old prejudice against the University of Calcutta. Calcutta University is rational enough to evaluate a student's copy scientifically and award deserving marks. One of such most recent incident is experienced by Rohit Dey, a student of first year (2017-18), Konnagar College. Rohit scored 138 in two papers in the Selection Test (64 in Paper-I, and 74 in Paper-II).