About New Vistas

New Vistas New Vistas started its journey in 1999 with an aim at promoting a greater understanding of the English Language and Literature. With the guidance of New Vistas, students of BA (Honours) and MA courses of Calcutta University have always proved themselves excellent in their academic career. New Vistas boasts all the intricate areas of the English Literature and English language studies included in the Calcutta university syllabi.

Why New Vistas

Only one sided TEACHING (i.e. teachers only teach, and do not pay attention to whether students understand or get interested in the subject) is an old method. It makes the lessons monotonous and boring. Therefore, we are dedicated to smooth the active running of the TEACHING-LEARNING PROGRAMMES. Teaching Learning Programme is a method where teachers not only deliver lectures but also pay enough attention to whether students LEARN. For the students of lower merit, there is facility of REMEDIAL CLASSES without any additional payment of fees.

Why English Honours

If you love the written and spoken word, this course is for you. With a comprehensive and stimulating introduction to the English language and literature, it investigates how the English language is used in a variety of global contexts, and explores literature from different historical periods and in diverse cultural settings. You will explore writing and speech in a wide range of forms, and develop your skills in the interpretation of literary and non-literary texts.

Future of studying English Honours& MA

Studying literature gives a perceptive eye and in-depth reading helps develop a skill for writing. This is perhaps why many students of English literature go on to pursue journalism or mass communication. Students of English have a range of opportunities once they graduate. Besides media, they can also go for civil services, advertising and of course teaching. Many students are now joining publishing houses. There is a world of opportunities waiting for them. You just need to have intense love for English. Many who are interested in academics or teaching go abroad for higher studies and research in the English literature, Linguistics, Phonetics, ELT etc. There are more examples below for those who want to work after MA or graduation with English Honours:

  • Professor
  • School-teacher
  • Content writer
  • Administrative assistant/office manager
  • Columnist
  • Development associate/social worker
  • Director of public relations
  • Dramatist
  • Editor (of a newspaper / journal)
  • Information officer
  • Interpreter/translator
  • Librarian
  • News reporter
  • Proof reader
  • Television producer
  • Film maker

Some Difficult Areas That New Vistas Boasts Of

Interpretation of Literature

English literature is greatly indebted to the classic literature, i.e. Greek and Latin literature, and to the Bible. To make the New Vistasians well versed in these, New Vistas organizes additional classes or seminars on the classic literature and the Bible along with their symbolic interpretations. All these are supported by the most recent researches about the subjects concerned.

Linguistics, Phonetics and Modern Grammar

New Vistas proudly boasts of the best guidance and faculty (in West Bengal and many other states) in the field of Linguistics, Phonetics and Modern Grammar included in one of the eight papers of English MA course. We have a fine and up-to-date mini language-laboratory to encourage a greater understanding of the field concerned.

Philology (in 1st Year syllabus)

Philology is one of the most intricate areas in the BA Honours (English) syllabus. To adeptly handle this field, it is necessary to have (i) a sound knowledge of German as English has its origin in the Germanic language family, and (ii) specialization in linguistics, as philology deals with the growth and structure of English. The faculty provided by New Vistas has specialization in this field.

Prosody (in 3rd Year syllabus)

Prosody is another difficult area in the English Honours syllabus. Without specialization in phonetics, it is next to impossible to handle the chapter skillfully. The faculty provided by New Vistas has expertise in this field.

Creative Writing (in 3rd Year syllabus)

So many students are there to speak fluent English but most of them feel a writers-block when they are to write an article on film-review or an essay. To unlock this block, New Vistas applies its expertise of Pedagogy of Developing Writing Skill.

Success Story

New Vistas is an institution where you can feel and realize the subject. The excellent result of the students has raised its position to such an extent that if you do not come here you may lose the detailed discussion of the most critical part of the subject. We provide quality teaching and guidance that students and parents rely on its authenticity. Our success story is directly associated with the success of the students who have not only passed the most challenging honours examinations but also scored above 60% marks (the highest marks scored till now are 73%).

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