How an English Honours Student Can Oppose the Gothic Thoughts About the Subject

'It's all about reading books', 'Dude, you just gotta read a novel and appear at the exam'.

'So you are planning to be a writer, actually, that is all you can be after studying English, if not a teacher'

'Oh, you just have to mug up and vomit in the paper, and you will pass'

If you are an English Honours student, or yet to be, then you would understand what the above quotes would mean!

Sayings like these are very common when you argue with a senior about how you found this course interesting. They would always say that you are aiming for the tedious job of a writer or a teacher if you are studying English. But, this doesn’t have to be.

Let's take the verdicts, and choose to explain it clause by clause.

She is not a writer, but she is a voracious Reader:

At times, all you need is, to be a good reader. A devouring reader, who concentrates out of the syllabus, is considered as one of the best assets of the subject, by her college authorities.

An English student is such that if she is reading Pride and Prejudicein her second year of the course, according to the Calcutta University syllabus, then she might be aware of all the other Jane Austen’s novels, just to know her thought process as a writer, so that she can put something extra in her answers.

Reading the same novel, and writing the gothic answers are quite common, but a lover of literature would always add something of her own. Some of the best English Honours Tutorial guided by the English Professors/Teachers in the city would always try to inculcate this thought into its students, to make a difference in the crowd.

Literature Is Just Not About Novels:

Literature has a connection with everything, be it science, psychology or history. You belong to the vast ocean of knowledge where every subject plays a significant part. And, you call them just an English Honours student?

A student of English Literature is the most upgraded one, did you know that?

Even if s/he becomes a writer, their life can be anything but boring:

Every English Honours student does not necessarily become a writer. She can choose options like being a successful Content manager in a renowned IT company. Or, a Personality groomer in the Corporate world, or maybe a Media intern or a PR and marketing assistant or even a PR officer.

And, even if she chooses to be a writer, she can be a travel blogger, where she would write about her own experiences and enthrall the readers. So, you can ditch the cliché image of a writer who locks herself in a small room for months to finish a book. You can travel the whole world and still become a writer.

Lastly, an English Honours student can be anything but boring. S/he is smart, intelligent, and knowledgeable and can make you go for rounds if you challenge her/him with anything. S/he is a Shakespearean as well as a Tagorian.

So, s/he is not just An English Honours Graduate!

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